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Dominion Glass Cutter with Plastic Handle

Plastic Handle Cutter

A well known general product used in the field of glass cutting. Which is made up of high Quality natural crystal diamonds with handle of unbreakable high plastic material.

Dominion Super Glass Cutter

Super Glass Cutter

A high quality product recommended regularly by skilled professionals of the glass cutting field. Its characteristics are crystal clear diamond and a rose wood handle for a better grip.

Dominion Personal Series Glass Cutter

Personal Glass Cutter

The only product recommended for any user with a better look and better results in overall aspects characterized with gold plated base and high quality acrylic handle.

Dominion Oil Fed Glass Cutter

Oil Feeded Glass Cutter

A 2x1 product having an inbuilt capacity of oil storage required in the process of glass cutting characterised by transparent plastic handle.

Dominion Perfect Series Glass Cutter

Perfect Glass Cutter

Comprises of crystal clear diamonds and hexagonal aluminum bar handle which is powder coated.

Dominion Delux Series Glass Cutter

Delux Series Glass Cutter

The most popular product of the dominion industry recommended for thicker glasses from 8 to 12 mm. Made up of bigger size crystal clear diamonds set on with a aluminium handle.

Dominion Acrylic Handle Glass Cutter

Acrylic Handle Glass Cutter

An unbreakable real gold plated cutter. Affixed within it's deluxe quality diamond known for smooth and long lasting quality.

Dominion Jombo Glass Cutter

Jombo Glass Cutter

As the name goes, a unique cutter with best quality diamond. It is known for smooth cutting.

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